4K ready to hit the runway

Mack Films is now proudly offering a 4K resolution production service. The easy way to future proof your investment and capture breathtaking slow motion and closeup detail.

What is 4K resolution? The main current consumer high definition standards is 1920×1018 resolution. 4K is four times high definition, thats 4096 x 2160 effective pixels. 4K is now officially designated for consumer products as Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition. With manufacturers like Sony, LG and Panasonic now offering 4k TV sets and projectors to consumers, now is an excellent time to get ahead of the game and employ future proof 4K production.

Why use 4K resolution? 4K resolution is now employed on an increasing basis in commercial and digital cinema, replacing 35mm. It is Peter Jackson’s choice format. Now its time for you to join the revolution.


Red Epic – Mack Films 4K camera choice on set.

You may ask how does this impact on me?… well here are three very good reasons:
  1. Future proofing – “the growing demand by consumers for 4k grows, networks oblige to supply TV viewing platforms”. A move to adapt broadcasting infrastructures provides a competitive edge to content provider. Furthermore there are several companies who have found methods to allow 4k to be broadcasted via current HD infrastructure. This is truly incredible but totally expected in this age of technological achivements. At Mack Films we feel our clients could benefit from shooting 4K.
  2. If looks could kill – a 4k production, even if downresed to current HD, still looks head and shoulders richer, more colourful, contrasty and vivid. 4K gives you far more control over the image literally turning day into night and seing information that shot on a HD camera would be lost forever. You can also zoom in to your image up to 4X. That means a valuable closeup from a wide angle shot.
  3. Cost effective – oops!!! please forget we said that:)

So if you’re into great looks and future proofing your project is important to you, please contact us for a 4K consultation.

To read an article written by the Age about the National Broadcast Network clearing the way for 4K resolution broadcasting click here.


A Consumer Electronics Show attendee looks at Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV at the Sony booth on January 8 2013.

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